2020 VESPA GTS Supertech 300 HPE

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2020 VESPA GTS Supertech 300 HPE


The new Vespa GTS SuperTech represents the top of the Vespa GTS range, the maximum expression of sport and technology. GTS SuperTech is the first large-bodied Vespa to adopt a fully digital instrument cluster thanks to a 4.3″ full color TFT display. The instrument cluster, as well as displaying all the classic information such as speed, total and partial mileage, ambient temperature, and fuel level, also serves as the display for the VESPA MIA smartphone connectivity system.

Aesthetically, Vespa GTS SuperTech is characterised by its rims and decorations on the typical horn cover, offered with a special matte black finish. The yellow painted front shock spring serves as an original element that contrasts against the two available colors of Volcano Black and Matter Grey. Even the seat features a “hi-tech” finish, with double upholstery and two-colour stitching with yellow sections.


Riding is safer and more practical then ever with the new Vespa MIA connectivity system on board the Vespa GTS SuperTech. Using Bluetooth to connect your Smartphone to the bike’s electronic system, it allows you to handle calls and messages, choose your music and access data about the bike, performance parameters and trip statistics, with ease.

VESPA MIA and the new Vespa app are specifically designed to connect iOS or Android mobile devices to the latest Vespa models equipped with an instrument cluster with TFT display: Vespa Elettrica, Vespa Primavera S and Vespa Sprint S, and the brand-new model in the Vespa GTS range, the SuperTech version.

Once the smartphone is connected to Vespa GTS SuperTech – paired to the vehicle via the dedicated Vespa app, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play – the TFT display will clearly show all notifications relating to incoming calls and messages in the centre of the screen. The system also allows for call management via the practical joystick on the right-hand control block and the use of vocal commands to make calls or listen to music, by activating a playlist.

The display also serves as a navigation system, accompanying the rider along the route, pre-set in the Vespa app, with directions and pictograms.


The new GTS Supertech comes with the latest Vespa evolution, the single-cylinder four-stroke 300 HPE (High Performance Engine) with four valves, electronic injection and liquid cooling.
Improved performance and reduced fuel consumption combine for thrilling driving whether in day-to-day city driving or out adventuring in the country.


With all its design and technological content, the Vespa GTS 300 Supertech reinterprets a new sporty classic from the mighty Vespa collection. While plenty of functional details, like the USB port in the double compartment under the leg shield back plate, it certainly hasn’t forgotten its racing spirit.

The new two-tone alloy rims nod to the past and highlight the sporty attitude of the 145th model in Vespa’s history. The red spring of the front suspension and the new front grill add to the sporty feel. While the lights are now modern LEDs, in stark contrast, we still have a completely analog instrumentation, which harks back to racing traditions, offering a beautiful display of white numbers on a black background.


The totally steel bodywork with its perfect balance between traditional and contemporary delivers personality and character in abundance. With a redesigned front, reshaped handlebar, new ergonomic seat and full-LED lighting, the GTS Supertech has the air of true road royalty.

The perfect ergonomics and natural seat position have always contributed to making every Vespa comfortable, pleasant to ride and accessible to all. The new Vespa GTS further highlights that strong touring tradition that big Vespas have always embodied, offering a new seat able to guarantee greater comfort for both rider and passenger. A result achieved thanks to optimized ergonomics and the use of new materials for the padding and upholstery.

The large under-seat compartment makes the most of available space, able to accommodate two Vespa Visor 3.0 demi-jet helmets and more besides. Adding to the load capacity of Vespa GTS is a glove box, inside which there is also a USB port, useful for the recharging of external devices

The most powerful engine in the entire Vespa range combines technology improvements with unique design. Many enhancements in safety, comfort and attention to detail give to GTS a better quality perception and reaffirm it as the iconic “Granturismo” Vespa. All this makes the Vespa GTS ideal for both big city traffic and long range touring, to be enjoyed in total comfort, whether alone or in company’s exuberance is somewhat softened by the refined lines of the vehicle, offering formidable technical solutions:

  • New High Performance Engine (HPE)
  • New ergonomic seat with greater comfort for passenger and rider
  • New digital full color TFT display with Bluetooth integration
  • New reshaped handlebar
  • New Remote: Bike finder and seat opener
  • New LED headlight, running lights, and brake lights
  • New eye-catching redesigned shield and horn cover
  • New stylish trim, body details, rims, and color finishing’s
  • Dedicated logo Vespa Supertech on rear-shield box.
  • Two-tone alloy rims
  • Dashboard graphics
  • Improved safety level by the new ABS & ASR system.
  • Dashboard graphics
  • New front suspension (Enhance Sliding Suspension, ESS) and improved under seat storage compartment.
  • New analog and digital instrument panel and USB port.
  • Vespa Multimedia Platform available as an option.

The Vespa GTS chassis, in line with all Vespas from 1946 until now, is strictly steel for unrivalled robustness as well as truly unique levels of safety and dynamism. The result is a particularly brilliant ride both in city traffic as well as on country roads: a blend of thrilling handling and reassuring stability, also thanks to the generously sized tyres on 12 inch wheelsThe double-disc braking system ensures prompt deceleration, even in sports use, with a modularity reserve able to put even a beginner’s mind at rest.

Piaggio was the first worldwide company to introduce advanced active safety systems such as ABS & ASR on a scooter, now available on the GTS range. ABS. Each wheel is equipped with a detection system (a sensor and a phonic wheel) that instantly measure speed and deceleration. The sensors communicate with a hydraulic control unit with two channels that activates the ABS system if one of the wheels decelerates quickly relative to the vehicle, avoiding locking and ensuring stability and efficient braking.

ASR (Anti Slip Regulation). It uses the ABS electronics and sensors to compare the wheel speed rotation of the two wheels. When the sensors detect the rear wheel speed exceeds that of the front, the control unit intervenes cutting the engine toque by spark advance reduction and, if necessary, also on the injection system to prevent slippage and prevent loss of vehicle control . These solutions put Vespa on the top level regarding safety and technology.



Price Standard
Price - MSRP 7749
Price - Currency US Dollars
Price - Warranty (Months) 24
Price - MSRP + Destination 7749
Price - Warranty (Condition) Limited


Engine Standard
Engine - Engine Type Single-Cylinder
Engine - Cylinders 1
Engine - Engine Stroke 4-Stroke
Engine - Horsepower (bhp) 23.8
Engine - Horsepower (kW) 17.5
Engine - Horsepower RPM 8250
Engine - Torque (Ft Lbs) 19.2
Engine - Torque (Nm) 26
Engine - Torque RPM 5250
Engine - Cooling Liquid
Engine - Valves 4
Engine - Valves Per Cylinder 4
Engine - Valve Configuration SOHC
Engine - Bore (mm) 75
Engine - Bore (in) 2.95
Engine - Stroke (mm) 63
Engine - Stroke (in) 2.48
Engine - Displacement (cc) 278.3
Engine - Displacement (ci) 17
Engine - Starter Electric
Engine - Fuel Requirements Premium
Engine - US Miles Per Gallon (Combined) 73.4
Engine - CAN Liters Per Kilometer (Combined) 3.2
Engine - Fuel Type Gas
Engine - Turbocharged No
Engine - Supercharged No
Carburetion Standard
Carburetion - Fuel Injector Yes
Carburetion - Carburetor No
Carburetion - Carburetion Type Fuel Injected


Transmission Standard
Transmission - Transmission Type Continuously Variable (CVT)
Transmission - Primary Drive (Engine / Transmission) Belt
Transmission - Reverse No


Dimensions Standard
Dimensions - Length (in) 76.8
Dimensions - Length (mm) 1950
Dimensions - Width (in) 29.7
Dimensions - Width (mm) 755
Dimensions - Wheelbase (in) 54.1
Dimensions - Wheelbase (mm) 1375
Dimensions - Length (ft) 6.4
Dimensions - Length (ft/ft) 6
Dimensions - Length (ft/in) 4.8
Weight Standard
Capacities Standard
Capacities - Fuel Capacity (gal) 2.2
Capacities - Fuel Capacity (l) 8.5
Performance Standard


Construction Standard
Construction - Frame Steel
Construction - Body Material Steel
Floor Boards Standard
Floor Boards - Floor Board Location Driver and Passenger
Hand Grips Standard
Foot Pegs Standard
Foot Pegs - Foot Peg Location Passenger
Foot Pegs - Adjustable No
Exterior Guards Standard
Exterior Guards - Chain Guard No
Exterior Guards - Chassis Protectors No
Exterior Guards - Drive Shaft Guard No
Exterior Guards - Engine Case Guard No
Exterior Guards - Fork Guards Yes
Exterior Guards - Saddle Bag Guard No
Exterior Guards - Tank Guard No
Exterior Guards - Hand Guards No
Exterior Guards - Brush Guard No
Exterior Guards - Heel Guards No
Exterior Guards - Exhaust Guard Yes
Exterior Guards - Light Guard No
Exterior Covers Standard
Exterior Covers - Side Cover Yes
Exterior Covers - Fuel Tank Cover No
Front Fender Standard
Rear Fender Standard
Stand Standard
Stand - Stand Type Center
Handlebars Standard


Front Suspension Standard
Front Suspension - Front Suspension Type Single Arm
Front Suspension - Front Adjustable Fork Pre-Load No
Front Suspension - Front Adjustable Rebound Damping Yes
Front Suspension - Front Central Suspension Strut No
Front Suspension - Steering Damper No
Rear Suspension Standard
Rear Suspension - Rear Suspension Type Twin Sided Swing Arm
Rear Suspension - Rear Adjustable Shock / Spring Pre-Load Yes
Rear Suspension - Rear Adjustable Rebound Damping Yes
Rear Suspension - Number Rear Shock Absorbers 2
Rear Suspension - Rear Suspension Material Steel
Rear Suspension - Air Adjustable No


Wheels Standard
Wheels - Wheels Composition Aluminum
Wheels - Tube / Tubeless Tubeless
Wheels - Front Wheel Width (in) 3
Wheels - Rear Wheel Width (in) 3
Wheels - Chromed No
Tires Standard
Tires - Front Tire Width 120
Tires - Front Tire Aspect Ratio 70
Tires - Front Wheel Diameter 12
Tires - Rear Tire Width 130
Tires - Rear Tire Aspect Ratio 70
Tires - Rear Wheel Diameter 12
Tires - Front Tire (Full Spec) 120/70 R12
Tires - Rear Tire (Full Spec) 130/70 R12


Brakes Standard
Brakes - Front Brake Type Hydraulic Disc
Brakes - Front Brake Diameter (in) 8.7
Brakes - Front Brake Diameter (mm) 220
Brakes - Rear Brake Type Hydraulic Disc
Brakes - Rear Brake Diameter (in) 8.7
Brakes - Rear Brake Diameter (mm) 220
Anti-Lock Brakes Standard
Linked Brake System Front to Rear Standard


Seat Standard
Seat - Seat Type One-Piece
Seat - Adjustable No
Seat - Seat Material Vinyl
Seat - Seat Location Driver and Passenger
Seat - Folding No
Seat Specifications Standard
Seat Specifications - Seat Height (in) 31.1
Seat Specifications - Seat Height (mm) 790
Seat Specifications - Number Of Seats 2
Grab Rail or Strap Standard


Digital Instrumentation Standard
Clock Standard
Trip Odometer Standard
Trip Computer Standard
Speedometer Standard
Temperature Warning Standard
Temperature Warning - Temperature Warning Type Gauge
Fuel Level Warning Standard
Fuel Level Warning - Fuel Level Warning Type Gauge


Underseat Storage Standard
Lockable Storage Standard
Helmet Storage Standard
Glove Box / Dash Storage Standard


Headlight(s) Standard
Headlight(s) - Type LED


Rearview Mirrors Standard


Engine Immobilizer Standard
Power Outlet Standard


Paint Standard
Paint - Metallic No


Steering Standard
Steering - Steering Control Handlebar

Certain features may require an additional add-on package that may not be included in the retail or sale price. Please contact the dealership for full details.