Fox Float 3 Evol R ATV Shocks

Fox Float 3 Evol R Shocks

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Fox Float 3 Evol R Shocks

Offering an infinite range of adjustability in an ultra-lightweight package, the Factory Series Float 3 Evol R air shock is the perfect ultra-lightweight and hassle-free suspension choice for your sport or recreational ATV. The Float 3 Evol R is application specifically valved, and its infinitely adjustable dual rate air spring and externally adjustable rebound allows the rider to quickly and easily tune for any terrain condition or personal preference. Inside its hard-anodized 6061-T6 aluminum body, the Internal Floating Piston (IFP) separates the high-pressure nitrogen gas from the damping oil to ensure optimum, fade-free performance. Replacing your stock shocks with a set of Float 3 Evol R shocks on your ATV not only dramatically increases its ride performance but also leaves about 6 lbs. in the garage. Infinitely adjustable air chamber gives a progressive spring rate and provides significant weight savings. Higher internal air volume/increased air pressure for better roll resistance in corners. Shed up to 6 lbs. off your ATV (when replacing coil spring shocks). Precision manufactured damping pistons for maximized damping consistency and flow characteristics. Race-proven, velocity-sensitive damping control technology that is custom-tuned for its intended application with different piston flow designs and variable specifications. Aerospace-grade, Teflon-lined spherical bearings maximize durability. Anodized IFP and bearing housing prevent oil contamination and to boost seal durability and lifespan. Samurai Sealing System specifically designed from a special low-temperature, highly durable material that scrapes away mud, dirt and debris while keeping the seals lubricated for minimal friction.
• 6061-T6 aluminum body caps, bodies and air sleeve
• Fully rebuildable and serviceable
• Ultra-lightweight
• Genuine Kashima Coat
• Chrome silicon negative spring

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